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Comans Mine Logo and Images

Comans Mine

Comans Road, Nerrigundah NSW 2545
Located just outside the small town of Nerrigundah, Coman's Mine is an interesting part of the region's goldmining history. In the 1880s, E J (Ned) Coman mortgaged his property to finance a gold mining investment at the head of North Creek. The investment became known as Coman's Mine. With his partner, Bloomfield, the mine was worked for a relatively brief and unsuccessful period and by 1889 was left idle, until it was officially reopened in 1938 by Radiant Mines Limited. Operations ceased at Coman's Mine in 1950. A walking trail takes you through this historic site. Along the track are many artefacts, including a pile of quartz rocks that marks the entrance to the mine tunnel that was originally dug by Coman and Bloomfield. For another opportunity to experience this part of the area's history, take a trip to the Original Goldrush Colony in Mogo.
Old Nerrigundah Settlement Trail Logo and Images

Old Nerrigundah Settlement Trail

Gulf Creek Road, Nerrigundah NSW 2545
In the late nineteenth century, Nerrigundah was a gold mining town with a booming population of 1,200. Now with a population of only 30, the settlement has a very rich and exciting history. The historic Miles O'Grady Obelisk stands near the place he was shot. The Clarke gang held up Wallis' Hotel on April 9, 1866. A policeman, O'Grady, was alerted, rose from his sickbed and stormed the scene. Clarke shot O`Grady who died almost instantly. The obelisk commemorates Miles O'Grady for his bravery. There is debate over an old grave marked as William Fletcher's (the bushranger shot by O'Grady). Some claim that Fletcher is buried behind the Catholic Church Cemetery. In the 1920s and 30s Nerrigundah had a great tennis team. Tennis was one of the most popular pastimes during that period. The tennis court site can still be seen along the historic Nerrigundah tour.