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Trees Adventure Grose River Park Logo and Images

Trees Adventure Grose River Park

200 Springwood Road, Yarramundi NSW 2753
The Trees Adventure Grose River Park is the ultimate Treetop experience in the New South Wales. It features exciting and challenging courses that become increasingly difficult as you climb higher into the canopy, which means that you can find the right level to suit you between two metres to more than 20 metres for the thrill seekers. You will be swinging, leaping, climbing and flying through the forest, during two hours. This will suit all the family from four year old to 75 years and over with 10 courses and 110 challenges (19 flying foxes - the longest more than 100 metres) which makes Grose River Park the biggest park ever built in Australia. Going from one tree to the next you will hear the sound of the Bell Birds, watch the Sea Eagle family soar overhead while the Kookaburras laugh whilst you have fun in the trees.
Action Paintball Games Yarramundi Logo and Images

Action Paintball Games Yarramundi

762 Springwood Road, Yarramundi NSW 2753

Here at Action Paintball Games, we PROMISE to give you the best paintball experience possible. We have the best equipment, facilities, gun upgrades AND the best staff. We have been in the business for over 20 years with an unfaltering passion that separates us from the competition.