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King Leopold Range, Gibb River Road, Derby WA 6728

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See stunning gorges and camp out under the stars at King Leopold Range National Park off the Gibb River Road in Western Australia's Kimberley region. Here you can explore Bell and Lennard Gorges which are among the most magnificent gorges in the Kimberley. The folded rock formations of these and other gorges were millions of years in the making. King Leopold Range Conservation Park is some of the most inaccessible country in Australia and ideal for a four wheel driving outback adventure. The park covers nearly 400,000 hectares of sandstone mountains, palm groves and huge granite outcrops. It includes the formidable King Leopold Range, which reach almost 1,000 metres in height. The range was named in the late 1800s after a Belgium king. King Leopold Range Conservation Park is home to rare plant and animal species and is a haven for birds. You can camp at Bell Creek or at Silent Grove. Mt Hart Wilderness Lodge is within the conservation park and has camping facilities as well as catered accommodation. Access to King Leopold Range Conservation Park is from the Gibb River Road east of Derby. Camping in Western Australia's natural areas is a special experience.

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