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Albany Wildlife and Scenic Cruise

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Departs at 9am from Emu Point Boat pens for 4 hours of wild

life history and fun. This is a sheltered water cruise with no open sea. We

cross to Green Island which was Western Australia’s first vegetable garden and

is now home to one of only four Pelican breeding grounds in Western Australia.

Then cross Oyster Harbour to the Kalgan River. Seen regularly are Pelicans

Eagles Hawks and a wide range of other bird life. Stopping on the banks of the

river we get into a motorised wagon where we get up close and personal to

Kangaroos in the wild. You are served Tea Coffee and a hot savoury Damper while

listing to a live and humorous commentary. Returning across the harbour to the

boat pens at 1pm. Oh yes did I mention it’s FUN?

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Stop At: Kalgan River, Great Southern Region, Kalgan, Albany, Western Australia Australia

Seen regularly are Pelicans Eagles Hawks abundant bird life and Kangaroos in the wild up close and personal. Incudes tea coffee and hot Damper with a full spoken commentary.

Duration: 3 hours

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