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Tropical Fruit World Logo and Images

Tropical Fruit World

29 Duranbah Rd, Duranbah NSW 2487

Welcome to this very special place. Our fifth generation Australian family has nurtured this farm for over 30 years and opens its secrets for your pleasure.

Welcome to Tropical Fruit World - the home of the world's largest variety of tropical fruit. We are open daily from 10am until 4.30pm Eastern Standard Time, except Christmas Day. Entry to our Plantation Pavilions is free. Here you can purchase our fresh tropical fruits and icecreams, drinks and mouth-watering lunches. Plus our famous natural skincare and gourmet products.

Tenteram Fine Foods Cooking School Logo and Images

Tenteram Fine Foods Cooking School

62 Kyte Street, Currumbin Valley QLD 4223
Tenteram Fine Foods Cooking Classes are a unique cooking and dining experience where you will learn about the healing properties of fresh Asian ingredients and how to cook easy tasty dishes incorporating Tenteram Fine Food products without using salts, refined sugars, shrimp paste, fish sauce or white, starchy rices. Kay and Justin are the creators, designers and producers of Tenteram Fine Foods, an amazing range of Healthy Gourmet Indonesian Hand Made Products. They will pass on all their passion and love of flavoursome healthy cooking in the peace and serenity of the Currumbin Valley and you will be transported back to a peaceful Bali. Enjoy an amazing day out with friends or family or simply come and join in and meet new friends in the beautiful Currumbin Valley the home of Tenteram Fine Foods.
House of Gabriel Logo and Images

House of Gabriel

106 Riverside Drive, Tumbulgum NSW 2490
Situated on the picturesque Tweed River, House of Gabriel is one of a kind. The 120 year old historic homestead has been restored to its former glory and houses a unique gift shop, ladies fashions, art gallery and Cafe Gabby that offers an extensive menu which changes with the season. Browse through the unique gift shop and art gallery then relax in the tranquil gardens while enjoying breakfast, morning tea, high tea, lunch or afternoon tea sipping on a cup of tea or coffee. House of Gabriel is a unique place to bring family and friends.
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Duranbah Beach Logo and Images

Duranbah Beach

Duranbah Beach, Flagstaff Beach Road, Duranbah NSW 2487
"Dee-bah", as it's known locally, is the most northerly beach in NSW; walk a few metres up onto the headland here on a summer's day and you'll find yourself in Queensland and in a different time-zone. Less than 200 metres in length, Duranbah is somewhat unheralded, particularly in comparison with Snapper Rocks around the corner, home break of Aussie surfing world champions Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson. As this beach faces due east, it's exposed to swell from pretty much anywhere so on days when it's flat on both sides of the border there's often a wave here. The Tweed River break-wall at the south end shapes a nice right hander, popular with body boarders. Tweed Heads has accommodation, restaurants, clubs and casinos aplenty, and the town is serviced by Coolangatta Regional Airport.

Jane McFie

2 Clancy Pl, Terranora NSW 2486