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Gumnut Hideaway Gallery Logo and Images

Gumnut Hideaway Gallery

Couria Creek, 9065 Princes Highway, Tilba Tilba NSW 2546

Gumnut Hideaway Gallery is situated within the rustic timber Studio at 'Couria Creek' Tilba Tilba and exhibits images on canvas by local nature and landscape photographer Lindy Quin. Her works showcase the diverse and stunning scenery of the Far South Coast of New South Wales. Lindy's inspiration and passion for photography can be attributed to living in such a superb natural environment that provides her with a wealth of photo opportunities. Her love of nature is evident in all her work which includes spectacular coastal scenery, rural and mountain landscapes, quaint villages and seaside towns, sunsets and misty mornings, farm animals and flora and fauna. Cards, photo books, postcards of local nature scenes, pottery and hand knitted scarves are also available.

Gulaga National Park Logo and Images

Gulaga National Park

Gulaga National Park, Tilba Tilba NSW 2546

Gulaga (Mt Dromedary) and the surrounding landscape have great spiritual significance to local Aboriginal people, particularly Aboriginal women. The park also incorporates the former Wallaga Lake National Park. In May 2006, the park was handed back to its traditional Aboriginal owners in an historic agreement signed by New South Wales Government and the Yuin people. The mountain is an isolated volcanic core rising 797 metres above sea level and towering over the historical villages of Tilba Tilba and Central Tilba. Viewed from the sea the mountain resembles a dromedary camel. The walking track starts from Tilba Tilba and the walk to the top and return is approximately 14 kilometres and takes about 5 hours. The rainforest is a spectacular sight with pinkwood and sassafras trees draped with long green moss and lichen. The forest floor is covered with fragile ground ferns and mosses.

Foxglove Spire Gardens Logo and Images

Foxglove Spire Gardens

282 Corkhill Drive, Tilba Tilba NSW 2546

This absolutely enchanting property encompassing 3.5 acres of exquisite open gardens has been featured on major televisions shows including Burke's Backyard and Better Homes and Gardens and is the subject of the book "Velvet Pears". The essence of the gardens is one of romance, fairy tale like charm and quaint English style elegance. With each season there are new wonders and floral delights to explore. A large section of the grounds have been extensively and beautifully developed over many years, with water features, a gardened ruin and the Willow House overlooking the duck pond. The Willow House is an ideal place for venues, for your next conference, or just a relaxing place to eat your picnic hamper. Come enjoy and experience Foxglove Spires time and time again, the spectacular seasonal transformations and new highlights of the gardens ensures there is always new visual pleasures.

Mount Gulaga (Mount Dromedary) Walk Logo and Images

Mount Gulaga (Mount Dromedary) Walk

Pam's Store, Old Highway, Tilba Tilba NSW 2546
Mount Gulaga is an extinct volcano rising 797 metres above sea level. The mountain and the surrounding area are significant to the Yuin people, particularly the women. Gulaga has been described by Aboriginal people as the place of ancestral origin for all Yuin people, while the mountain itself symbolises the mother and provides a basis for Aboriginal spiritual identity. The steep track up the mountain was built in 1894 for gold miners. Take the gravel path from Pam's Store in Tilba Tilba and continue up the mountain. At 'Halfway Rock' the trail leads 1.6 kilometres off the main track to the foundations of the mine manager's residence. Return to the main track and 30 minutes later you should reach 'The Saddle' - a great rest spot. Push on to the summit with its spectacular views to the coast, along the way enjoying a beautiful rainforest teeming with life.
Bellbird Scenic Drive Tilba Logo and Images

Bellbird Scenic Drive Tilba

Corkhill Road, Tilba Tilba NSW 2546
Turn off the Princes Highway 20 kilometres south of Narooma onto Corkhill Road for the Bellbird Scenic Drive. The drive begins at the village of Tilba Tilba. Here you can visit the wonderful Foxglove Spire Gardens and specialty shops. Continue along this road that will bring you to the historic village of Central Tilba. Take a stroll through the village and its shops. From here, the road continues, sealed and unsealed, through farms and bush country. Follow this road to the Old Highway and turn right. Further along this road is Tilba Valley Winery which offers tasting of their great selection, lunch and cellar door sales. To conclude the Bellbird Scenic Drive continue on the Old Highway until you reach the foot of Gulaga (Mt Dromedary), where the bellbirds' song echoes through the serene bush. From here return to Narooma via the Princes Highway.