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Surfest Surf School Logo and Images

Surfest Surf School

204 Union Street, The Junction NSW 2291

Surfest Surf School has been running Since 2000 along side the premier event Surfest. Originally coaching kids once a year in the Surfest Festival - sponsored by Newcastle Permient and Newcastle Herald. We saw a real need for a year round establishment. So opening full time in September 2003 Surfest Surf School has never looked back. Rhys Smith founder has a passion for surfing - competing internationally in the World Qualifying Series. luckily for us Rhys spends his off season - our summer teaching the up and comings and anyone who wants to get out there to surf.

We operate from Nobbys Beach as it is the safest beach in Newcastle. This location offers a perfect beach break for learn to surf, we nestle in to the corner that faces north east which provides consistent waves protected by a southern headland, sheltered from prevailing winds and larger swells.