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Stonewoman Aboriginal Area Logo and Images

Stonewoman Aboriginal Area

Long Gully Road, Tingha NSW 2369
After a short 750m walk from the main entrance to Stonewoman Aboriginal Area, past grey kangaroos basking in the sun on open grazing lands, you come across something very special. Tingha Stonewoman is an unusual rock formation with spiritual and cultural significance for local Aboriginal people, descended from the Murri. Nobody knows how old Tingha Stonewoman is, but her ... Visit website for more info
Toppers Mountain Wines Logo and Images

Toppers Mountain Wines

13420 Guyra Road, Tingha NSW 2369
Topper's Mountain is a piece of fantastically good viticultural land and very picturesque to boot - a basalt cap of about 150 hectares in a sea of granite near Tingha, New England. They specialise in Single Estate wines from alternate varieties such as Gewurztraminer, Tempranillo, Nebbiolo and Pinotage plus some old favourites like Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz. At an altitude of 900 metres, Topper's is one of the few high altitude, cool climate vineyards in Australia planted on beautiful, free-draining, deep, aged red basalt soils called Krasnozems. These soils have evolved over millions of years by the continuous leaching of high rainfall. Vines love this type of soil because they never get waterlogged, and they have a massive soil volume to feed from and spread their roots through. Wine tastings can be arranged by appointment only - please allow at least one week's notice.