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Heritage Craft Fair Logo and Images

Heritage Craft Fair

St. Ives Showground Mona Vale Road, St Ives NSW 2075

THE HERITAGE CRAFT FAIR allows a limited range of "WORLD HANDCRAFTS "Hand selected Handmade products from the World to be displayed.

Australian Made products are always given priority, However due to the demand from Clients and exhibitors to expand the offering of the fair we have decided to allow a select group of "World Handmade Crafts" products into the fair.FOODS AND GROWERS MARKETS INCORPORATING ORGANIC PRODUCTS.The famous Heritage Craft Fair offers Foods , organic foods, fresh foods and Growers section within the existing Fair.Come to a fair where time stands still, where you can see craft being created right before your eyes.Buy top quality crafts with the assurance that it’s not only great value, but also an original – handcrafted right here in Australia.

Enjoy the atmosphere and energy of 250 stalls presenting quality handcrafts with no mass produced second hand or imported items.