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Candelo Bega Road, Candelo NSW 2550
Earlier settlers of Candelo had the foresight to establish the beautiful park beside the river, and today it offers shade in summer and a spectacular colour show in autumn. Why not stop for a while, paddle in the creek, admire the trees and explore the village. Candelo today still retains many of its nineteenth century old buildings. Offering a warm and open reception to travellers, and invited to share in the everyday lives of the country folk. Although bullock teams no longer pass through town and there is little need for blacksmith's shops, a walk along these streets conjures up images of a past way of life. Venturing further afield, Candelo is surrounded by beautiful old forests and clear waterways. A drive up Myrtle Mountain to the lookout is rewarded with magnificent distant views over the valley and a perfect secluded picnic spot under old trees.