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Sandgate Theatre Logo and Images

Sandgate Theatre

Sandgate Town Hall, Seymour Street, Sandgate QLD 4017

Amateur theatre has been performing at the Sandgate Town Hall since the 1958. At the time they started with a donation of £5,5s from the local Rotary group under the name The Sandgate Little Theatre Group. Currently operating under the name of Sandgate Theatre, our theatre group performs three major plays (2 or 3 act) plays a year, as well as:

  • The Theatre Restaurant - a musical play presented with a scrumptious three course meal,
  • The One Acts - a collection of one-act plays and skits put together in one performance, and
  • The Yarrageh Drama Festival, with amateur theatre groups from throughout South-East Queensland presenting their best one-act plays here at Sandgate.

Our plays range from hilarious comedies to serious dramas.

Sandgate & District Historical Society & Museum Logo and Images

Sandgate & District Historical Society & Museum

150 Rainbow Street, Sandgate QLD 4017

In the 1880s the museum building housed Mohoupts’ General Store and a local funeral business. In 1993 the building was purchased by the Society and officially opened as a museum in 1994. The Society\\'s collection is housed in an air-conditioned, single storey brick building. The museum features a wall display of chronological history; a thematic display under glass; various free-standing historical items; a small library of books, video tapes and slides; a large paper collection on file of localities and identities; and a large collection of photographs. Historical books produced by the Society and souvenirs are on sale. The Society provides guided tours of local historical areas and lectures delivered at local schools.

Sandgate War Memorial Park Logo and Images

Sandgate War Memorial Park

8 Seymour Street, Sandgate QLD 4017
Sandgate's war memorial resembles Lutyens' Cenotaph in Whitehall, the site of Remembrance Sunday ceremonies in London since 1919. Governor Sir Matthew Nathan unveiled Sandgate's 91 tonne granite and concrete memorial on 24 February 1924. Of the 330, mostly young, Sandgate men who went to war, 51 died. Australia-wide, about one in five of the 300,000 volunteer soldiers died in WWI. War memorials were a matter of local pride, indicating a district's patriotism and wealth. Sandgate Mayor WH Bowser not only presided over the memorial's organising committee which commissioned prominent Queensland architect George Gray Prentice to design the £850 monument, but also donated much of the granite from his Samford quarry. Charles Lowther, of the masonry firm Lowther and Sons that built the cenotaph within a small island of parkland, was a returned soldier: he'd served in the Light Horse in Palestine during WWI. The memorial bears a verse- They died, and yet in memory shall they live, That we may know the worth of sacrifice, Know that their death is freedom's cause, Stands as a beacon light to point the way, To paths of peace. Names of Sandgate residents killed in WWII, Malaya, Korea and Vietnam have been added.