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Skydive Maitland Logo and Images

Skydive Maitland

604 New England Highway, Rutherford NSW 2320

For most a tandem skydive is usually a once in a lifetime experience an adventure to mark a milestone, a thrill to let you know you're still alive or perhaps just a bucket list activity. But for owners Jay and Mel it turned out to be much more than that and 15 years on their love for skydiving only keeps growing.

Our playground is 14,000ft above the earth, some people call it a job, but really, when you're having as much fun as we do I'm pretty sure it's no longer classified as a job. We love what we do and we love sharing the experience of skydiving with as many people as we can, which is evident when you meet the crew.

Our team of experienced skydivers are fully accredited with the Australian Parachute Federation (APF) and combined we have over 100 years of skydiving experience. We are a fun loving bunch of professionals who remember that although it may be our 5th skydive for the day, it's your 1st.

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Maitland Airport, 604 New England Highway, Rutherford NSW 2320
Your only opportunity to fly in Australia's rarest war birds. Experience the thrill of a lifetime with an authentic war bird military experience flown by an experienced RAAF or Ace aerobatic pilot! Twist and turn and feel the Gs with an aerobatics ride, duck and weave with Top Gun fighter tactics, or just enjoy the sights of Newcastle beaches and the beautiful Hunter Valley.
Royal Newcastle Aero Club Logo and Images

Royal Newcastle Aero Club

604 New England Highway, Rutherford NSW 2320
The Royal Newcastle Aero Club has a long and proud history, with its beginnings back in 1928. Over the years, the club has operated a range of aircraft with the clubs current fleet consisting of Cessna 152s, Cessna 172s, a Cessna 182, a new Piper Archer, a twin-engine Beech Duchess, a De Havilland Tiger Moth and a brand new Texan Ultralight, with all club aircraft maintained to the highest standards by the clubs own on-site engineers. Their charter is to train you as a new pilot, so you can enjoy and experience the challenge and freedom of flight as safely as possible. Becoming a member of the Social Club allows you to use the club's restaurant, bar, pool area, barbecue and grounds for your enjoyment. The Royal Newcastle Aero Club is pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding flight training with RNAC. Scenic flights are available. ...