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The Bourbah Street Murals Logo and Images

The Bourbah Street Murals

Bourbah Street, Gulargambone NSW 2828
The Bourbah Street Murals were designed by artist Sam Newstead and officially opened in 2002. The objective was to create a mural for the community of Gulargambone to be displayed in the shop windows of the main street in the town centre and to cover the then vacant facades. The theme of the mural is a day in Gulargambone. Starting in the twilight, through the dawn, morning, and the heat of the day, moving on to evening, nightfall, and a new dawn. The Castlereagh River runs through the entire mural, in drought and in flood.


Gulargambone, Gulargambone NSW 2828
Gulargambone is a small community situated on the Castlereagh Highway, 115 kilometres north of Dubbo and 550 kilometres north-west of Sydney. It is part of Coonamble Shire. Established on the banks of the Castlereagh River in 1883, Gulargambone is encompassed by the Warrumbungle Mountains and is home to 500 spirited Australians. Gulargambone is an Aboriginal word meaning "watering hole for many galahs". Gulargambone is primarily an agricultural area. In 2000 the community decided to be pro-active and formed GRTC Inc (Gulargambone Rural Transaction Centre Incorporated), and as a result opened the first community-owned Post Office. Other achievements include a new multi-purpose health service, attractive murals depicting Gulargambone's history in shop windows, new signage on the highway. Be sure to watch out for the corrugated iron 'Galahs' on the side of the road. Another 'must see' is the 2828 community tourism project - a cafe, craft shop and gallery ....