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Melbourne Zoo Logo and Images

Melbourne Zoo

Elliott Avenue, Parkville VIC 3052

Melbourne Zoo displays more than 320 species of animals and is situated only 4km from the city. You can journey through a world of wildlife and discover the wonders of nature as you explore the award-winning Melbourne Zoo.

There's always something new to enjoy! Stroll through the lush Asian and African rainforests, where tigers roam and monkeys swing from tree to tree. Then take the time to stop and see eye to eye with Orang-utans in their special elevated exhibit. Explore the trail of the elephants or the unique native wildlife in the Australian bush setting. Melbourne Zoo plays an important role in education, research and conservation.

The Ian Potter Museum of Art Logo and Images

The Ian Potter Museum of Art

Swanston Street between Faraday and Elgin Streets , Parkville VIC 3052

Housing the University of Melbourne's collection of artworks and cultural artefacts, the Ian Potter Museum spans art from the early 19th century to today.

The university's diverse art collection includes European and international indigenous art, classical pieces and archaeological artefacts.

See what's showing in the program of temporary exhibitions, from Melbourne history and classical collections to new acquisitions and contemporary art projects. Entry is free and there is also a popular coffee shop.

Grainger Museum Logo and Images

Grainger Museum

Gate 13, Royal Parade, University of Melbourne, Parkville VIC 3052
The Grainger Museum is the only purpose-built autobiographical museum in Australia. Its fascinating collection contains not only objects directly related to Percy Grainger's compositional career, such as scores and manuscripts, but also more than 100,000 items, including diaries, ethnographic objects, furniture, decorative arts, photographs, artworks, clothing and correspondence with famous and not-so-famous contemporaries. Grainger began planning the Museum after his mother's death in 1922 and it was officially opened in December 1938. The building was designed by the University's architect, John Gawler of the firm Gawler and Drummond, in close consultation with Grainger. The Museum's historical and architectural significance is recognised by the building's inclusion on the Register of the National Estate and the Victorian Heritage Register, and its classification by the National Trust of Australia (Victoria). In 1955, Grainger set down his revised Aims of the Grainger Museum, outlining his 'cosmopolitan and universalist outlook on music'. Grainger's wide ranging interests have resulted in a unique Museum with broad appeal, a must-see for fans, locals and tourists alike.
The Dax Centre Logo and Images

The Dax Centre

Kenneth Myer Building, 30 Royal Parade, Parkville VIC 3052
The Dax Centre is a museum with an archive of 15,000 plus items of art made by people with lived experience of mental health or psychological trauma. This collection, Cunningham Dax Collection, is the only heritage listed art collection in Victoria. It is unique and one of only three such collections in the world. The Dax Centre has a purpose built gallery space in which to exhibit a selection of this art.There are three semi-permanent exhibitions each year that are themed to look at various aspects of mental health and emotional wellbeing. These displays are used to bring more understanding and promote conversation of these topics through art which is accessible to the wide community. The Dax Centre is an organisation that conducts very rich and active learning programs which use its collections to augment understanding through all stages of schooling and beyond. It aims to impact by creating the space exploration of issues surrounding the experience of mental health and psychological trauma, and by doing so, reduce the associated stigma and mystery that perhaps occur. The Dax Centre is located in the grounds of the University of Melbourne and complements the many other art and cultural collections found there.

Roar 'n' Snore

Elliott Avenue, Parkville VIC 3052
Experience a night like no other and sleep alongside the animals at Melbourne Zoo. See the zoo after dark and wake to the sounds of exotic wildlife before experiencing life behind the scenes of Victoria’s most iconic zoo. Roar ‘n’ Snore guests wine, dine and sleep where the elephants once walked, in the Historic Elephant Exhibit. Built in the 1940's, it's been re-vitalised to provide a unique camping opportunity. After dinner in the Elephant House, guests explore the mystery of the Zoo after dark. Hear, smell, and see nocturnal creatures and share the passion, knowledge and stories of your camp hosts. After supper, retire to your tent for a well-deserved night’s sleep. Wake in the morning to the calls of gibbons and birds and enjoy breakfast before a chance to meet the keepers and experience up-close animal encounters and life behind-the-scenes....

Farmers Market at the University of Melbourne

Union Lawn, Parkville VIC 3052
Melbourne Farmers' Markets is thrilled to have the first mid week, weekly farmers' market at the University of Melbourne. The new market is right in the heart of The University of Melbourne Parkville campus with the support of The University and Carlton Connect Initiative and will be positioned on Union Lawn and South Court. It's central, shady and a wonderful space for the many students and staff to meet regional Victorian producers and shop direct. Enjoy the atmosphere of a summer picnic with the integrity of an accredited farmers market. ...