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Oxley War Memorial Logo and Images

Oxley War Memorial

1218 Oxley Road, Oxley QLD 4075

The soldier statue in Oxley is unmistakeably Australian, with his slouch hat and 'rising sun' hat badge, face slightly downturned as he stands facing west. This statue, created by Ipswich monumental mason Frank Williams from Ipswich, and unveiled in 1920, found its final resting place in the 1980s, moved to make way for roadworks from its original siting on the major Brisbane southside arterial, Ipswich Road. The soldier statue was a quaintly Queensland favourite style of WWI memorial, exhibiting common traits of the volunteer soldiers: youth, innocence, loyalty and courage among them. Oxley's monument bears a marble plaque specifically naming the district's 15 dead, among the 60,000 mostly young Australian men to be buried where they fell in Europe, the Middle East and northern Africa and a valuable record of local involvement. Frank Williams created many around southern Queensland, including in Esk and Boonah. He also produced the evocative Weeping Mother Memorial at Gatton. Small marble plaques commemorating involvement in subsequent international conflicts have been added. Oxley Memorial Park draws crowds for solemn remembrance on 25 April every year.

Ciavarella Oxley Estate Winery Logo and Images

Ciavarella Oxley Estate Winery

17 Evans Ln, Oxley VIC 3678

Ciavarella Oxley Estate Winery is a small gem at Oxley in Victoria's King Valley wine region. The Ciavarella family established a vineyard in 1978, initially selling grapes. The step into winemaking was in 1992. Ciavarella Oxley Estate Winery has achieved a reputation as a maker of fine, hand-crafted wines. Their winemaking philosophy is for the vineyard and grapes to express themselves in the bottle, through effort in viticulture, patience and attention to detail in the winemaking. The winery is only one kilometre off the Snow Road, a scenic route to many attractions and gateway to the King Valley and Milawa Gourmet Region. Wines include Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Durif, Dolcino (a sweet red), Late Harvest Semillon Aucerot, and a range of fortifieds. The Ciavarellas are custodians of the variety aucerot. Cuttings collected from Europe by Varley Bailey in the early 1900s were planted at Bailey's near Glenrowan. Cyril Ciavarella obtained cuttings before their removal in the 1980s . The name aucerot is not used in Europe; exact heritage is unknown. The planting, thought the only one in Australia, is prized for the fine dessert wines that come from it.

John Gehrig Wines Logo and Images

John Gehrig Wines

80 Gehrigs Lane, Oxley VIC 3678

John Gehrig Wines is a fifth generation run family winery located in two great North East Victorian locations in the King Valley at the cross road of the Milawa Gourmet Region only 15 minutes from Wangaratta or also now located in Rutherglen in the historic Snarts winery shed on Gooramadda road. They have a wide range of wines from Sparkling right through to Fortified's. So why not visit either cellar doors and try a family favourite, their Riesling. John Gehrig's winery is like a little oasis in a pretty glade by the King River. Stands of mature trees shade a rose garden, geese and ducks roam the grounds, and the tasting room has a rustic, countrified, timeless feel. John Gehrig specialises in unusual varietal wines like Durif, Petit Verdot, Gamay and Pinot Meunier, as well as Chardonnay and Merlot, and a popular Border Blend of Bordeaux varieties. John Gehrig Wines now has a new Cellar Door and Vineyard in Rutherglen please visit the website for more details on location and operational hours.