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PO Box 5136, Old Toongabbie NSW 2146
In a world that is realising that natural is better, Mannatech has pioneered Real Food Technology solutions to provide you with standardised levels of natural and plant-sourced VITAL nutrients at nutritionally effective levels. They are the best alternative to synthetic vitamins and crushed rock mineral products and nutritionally deficient, so-called super-juice products. Even if you have not had to yet face a significant health challenge, there are more and more people becoming aware of the reality of the nutritionally empty foods we are all eating AND the flood of all sorts of supplements making all manner of claims! We are social entrepreneurs championing the cause of malnourished children around the world by providing patented, proprietary Real Food Technology�?�® Solutions through the �¢??Mission 5 Million Program where consumption automatically generates donations of Phytoblend(tm) Powder. Our vision is to impact the global epidemic of childhood malnutrition by linking 5 million consumers of Real Food Technology supplementation with 5 million children in need. M5M links Mannatech and MannaRelief with organisations around the globe that are already on the ground supporting the lives of malnourished children. We are very excited by M5M because it combines our passion to see people improve their quality of life through Real Food Technology Solutions AND our mission to help relieve the suffering of malnourished children around the world. We are looking for people who want to join us and champion the cause of malnourished children.
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