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Aboriginal Tours and Sand Dune Adventures

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2163 Nelson Bay Road, Williamtown NSW 2318

Live the adventure that promises you a Quad Riding experience like no other.

Experience the magnificence of the Worimi Sand Dunes, riding safely from bush to beach with our expert guides.

Choose between a 1 or 2 hour ride to take in the wonders of the highest sand dunes in the southern hemisphere, the glorious views of the sweeping coastline and learn about history of the land.

  • Learn the basics of quad bike riding, incl safe ATV handling and riding techniques.
  • Be taken for an unforgettable journey through bushland
  • Be given an insight into traditional Aboriginal food,culture and history by your aboriginal guide.
  • Immerse yourself in coastal wilderness
  • Experience Stockton Beach and secrets to Aboriginal Culture, WWII and the wreck of the Norwegian bulk carrier the 'Sygna'.

During the tour we place a strong emphasis on interpretive tours of the Stockton Sand Dunes and beach. We pride ourselves on providing you with a full appreciation of the area with its rich cultural and historical heritage. We actually own and control the highest coastal sand dunes in the southern hemisphere and they are not open to the public. The only way to see them is through us. This way we can control the Environmental impacts and protection of our Aboriginal heritage. The public and all other tours must use the designated off road areas, low dunes and plenty of people!

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