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Darlinghurst Theatre

attractions | Potts Point NSW 2011

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19 Greenknowe Avenue, Potts Point NSW 2011

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Darlinghurst Theatre Company presents diverse artistic visions to engage audiences with the diversity, power and possibilities of live theatre. Each production presents a new directorial and artistic vision, which allows for a unique point of view and dialogue about the human experience through theatre.

Darlinghurst Theatre Company achieves this by developing, producing and presenting theatre productions in collaboration with outstanding independent theatre artists.

Since 2001, Darlinghurst Theatre Company has nurtured and supported the visions of more than 1,100 Australian artists, and staged over 120 shows.

We take great pride in being an intimate space where people can discover the power of live theatre and its vast possibilities.

We want our audiences to discover new and exceptional drama, innovative and brilliant musicals and inspired variations on spoken word theatre. Each production is an invitation to discover, engage, connect, and of course be entertained.

To achieve this, Darlinghurst Theatre Company engages and collaborates with outstanding artists and offer them exemplary platform to realise their own creations. This means each production presents a new creative team, a new artistic vision, and a fresh experience for our audiences.

Each show is especially chosen in line with our policy of sourcing and selecting the most outstanding. Our season of shows offer explorations in music theatre, drama, physical theatre, multi media and variations on spoken word theatre.

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