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Level 1, 13 - 17 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest NSW 2065

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Zensara was inspired by an exotic fusion of French and Oriental influences. The French influence is reflected in the design of the reception area, in the pampering, indulgent aspect, and in the exquisite aromas. The Oriental influence is apparent in the serenity of the relaxation areas, as well as in treatments such as shiatsu and warm stone massage.

Time permitting following treatments, we will encourage you to relax in one of our Oriental-inspired areas and transition back to reality gently. Sometimes this quiet contemplative time can be as beneficial as the treatment itself as you connect with your own essence, gazing at our bamboo garden outside, or sharing a cosy nook with a buddha while sipping an exotic tea.

The meaning of Zensara is derived from three Japanese kanji characters, which combine to mean discovering your true purpose or your spiritual path, and hopefully you will experience the essence of Zensara on your visit.

Nature has been the inspiration for our spa and our own Zensara aromatherapy range of products is intended to bring you closer to nature, delighting your senses with products containing extracts from flowers, fruits, herbs, wood and spices.

It is our mission to sprinkle magic in the lives of our clients – creating moments you will always remember. We hope too that you will leave with a sense of serenity, having nurtured your body and nourished your soul!

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