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The mighty Avon River is famous for hosting the international annual white water rafting event, the Avon Descent. Each year, hundreds of canoeists and power boaters tackle the gruelling rapids and rocks pools of this 133 kilometre course from the picturesque farming township of Northam to Perth. Bell’s Rapid is well known for testing even the best white water rafters. The Avon River begins as a tranquil waterway flowing through Northam. Here, you can go picnicking by the river and enjoy a peaceful afternoon of relaxation. The pedestrian suspension bridge which spans the river is the longest in Australia. It’s the perfect spot to take photographs and see Northam’s unique white swan colony. Downstream, the Avon River picks up its pace, especially in winter time. The Avon Descent is held each year in August. The river flows through the Avon Valley and then joins the Swan River. You can access the Avon River from Northam which is about an hour’s drive east of Perth.
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