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Nimbin Rocks Logo and Images

Nimbin Rocks

Nimbin Road, Nimbin NSW 2480
The Nimbin Rocks are volcanic extrusions of Rhyolite left over from the Mount Warning Tweed Volcano that erupted around 20 million years ago. As part of an eroded dyke of the volcano, Nimbin Rocks are located just outside the present day caldera wall about 20 kilometres from Mount Warning and three kilometres from Nimbin Village. They are an extremely significant cultural site to the local Bundjalung tribe who believe the rocks were home to the Nmbngee, or Clever Men. They were also the initiation grounds for young boys and the dreaming story can be read at the Nimbin Museum. Viewing from the road only.
Nimbin Candle Factory Logo and Images

Nimbin Candle Factory

Cullen Street, The Old Butter Factory, Nimbin NSW 2480
Nimbin Candles derived from the need to supply a non-toxic, slow burning, smokeless candle, which could be burnt in confined spaces such as caravans, tents, and tepees, to the local community that had expanded in the early eighties, after the Aquarius Festival in 1973. Nimbin Candles are made using the age-old method of dipping each individual wick continuously to create a perfect taper. The design for their dipping deck was found and adapted from a book of medieval machinery and is similar to what was found in eleventh century monasteries when most candle making was done by monks. They use only the highest grade paraffin wax, the same wax used in food processing such as greaseproof paper and wrapping cheeses. The dyes they use are vegetable dyes, the same used in batik art. Open daily for visits and sales. Individual, families and bus groups welcome.
Nimbin Craft Gallery Logo and Images

Nimbin Craft Gallery

1 Sibley Street, Nimbin NSW 2480
The Nimbin Craft Gallery has specialised in quality locally made art and craft for more than 20 years, from pottery, shoes and jewellery to clothing, leather goods and much more. Nestled in the village of Nimbin, surrounded by the inspirational sub-tropical rainforests and the remnants of the ancient volcanic mountain ranges, Nimbin Craft Gallery is dedicated to the promotion of local artisans and their skills!
Nimbin Artists Gallery Logo and Images

Nimbin Artists Gallery

49 Cullen Street, Nimbin NSW 2480
Nimbin Artists Gallery supports local artists by showing and selling their work and giving them advice and feedback. The gallery is entirely volunteer run and not for profit since opening in 1997. You will gain an insight into the heart of Nimbin by exploring the wonderful galleries in and around the Nimbin Valley. You may even pick up that special piece for your home. The gallery hosts the annual Nimbin Autumn and Spring Arts Extravaganzas. These are major exhibitions that join the gallery to the adjacent hall, stage and back stage areas. They include daily recitals and performance art.
HEMP Embassy Logo and Images

HEMP Embassy

51 Cullen Street, Nimbin NSW 2480
The HEMP Embassy promotes alternative uses of the hemp plants fibre and oil from the seeds, to produce environmentally sustainable products including: fashion, cosmetics, building materials and pavers. The HEMP Embassy also are the main organisational body for the annual Mardi-grass event in Nimbin. You can purchase a huge range of hemp products at the HEMP Embassy.
Djanbung Permaculture Gardens Logo and Images

Djanbung Permaculture Gardens

74 Cecil Street, Nimbin NSW 2480


Gardens, Farm, Coffee Bar, Entertainment Venue, Education, Family Fun Attractions, Class/workshops, Ecotours

Cafe - open on special events

Nestled in the picturesque Nimbin Valley, less than 1km from the bustle of the village centre lies a lush garden sanctuary.  Djanbung Gardens, designed by permaculture pioneer, Robyn Francis, is internationally renowned as one of the best examples of permaculture open to the public - sustainable living and design in practice. 

What was once a degraded cow pasture has been transformed into a cornucopia of abundance. You can explore the permaculture gardens, food forest and orchards, productive water features and rainforest bushfoods. You’ll discover an impressive collection of bamboo and interesting bamboo structures and garden features. See farm animals living a happy life in harmony with the production systems and catch a glimpse of the abundant bird and wildlife. The gardens also feature natural building techniques and appropriate technologies.

On weekends enjoy the ultimate local food experience with a lunch or snack at the Abundance Cafe, which boasts of 90% of ingredients sourced from less than 90km radius. Our artisan chef caters for both vegetarian and ethical meat-eaters, and meals feature delicious homemade condiments and fermented veggies.  Refresh with a sparkling Spritz of homemade fruit syrups in carbonated rainwater, probiotic beverages like fruit Kefir and Jun, or try our a 5km coffee (yes-- farm fresh coffee beans and milk from less than 5km away, and made with filtered rainwater)

The children’s play area features a cute bamboo cubby house and sandpit for toddlers.

Saturdays at 11am we offer a 90 minute full interpretive garden tour with a qualified permaculturist ($20/adult, $15 concession)

We also offer special activities, tours and catering for group visits, and have a program of inspiring workshops and courses on all aspects of organic gardening and sustainable living and design.

Mount Nardi picnic area Logo and Images

Mount Nardi picnic area

Newton Drive, Nimbin NSW 2480
It's a long and winding road through lush rainforest to get to Mount Nardi picnic area, but on arrival you'll know it is well worth it. This picnic area is the highest point in Nightcap National Park, and the view through the clearings of the Northern Rivers district, taking in Lismore and Nimbin, is superb. The cleared, grassy picnic ... Visit website for more info

Yoga with Maz

54 Cullen Street, Nimbin NSW 2480
Join Maz for Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga. Vinyasa is the Sanskrit word for "flow", and vinyasa classes are known for their fluid, movement-intensive practices. Hatha yoga is a generic term that refers to any type of yoga that teaches physical postures. ...

Nimbin Apothecary

54 Cullen Street, Nimbin NSW 2480
Nimbin Apothecary is Nimbin’s only herbal dispensary, offering affordable over the counter professional health care advice. They specialise in individually prescribed medicines, healthcare products, nutritional supplements and lifestyle advice. As well as an extensive herbal dispensary, they stock homeopathics, hand made therapeutic and skin care creams, aromatherapy products, essential oils, and an ever changing selection of crystals. Nimbin Apothecary operates in conjunction with a diverse group of health practitioners including naturopaths, herbalists, homeopaths, masseurs, acupuncturists, doctors and holographic kinetics. Practitioners at Nimbin Apothecary believe in holistic care, care that pays attention to the whole person (mind, body and spirit) is essential to maintaining wellbeing. Nimbin Apothecary also has a strong focus on health education, promoting natural health knowledge, so that people can learn to treat simple health problems from home, thus empowering the individual and their family. Drop in for a visit....

HEMP Embassy

51 Cullen Street, Nimbin NSW 2480
The HEMP Embassy promotes alternative uses of the hemp plants fibre and oil from the seeds, to produce environmentally sustainable products including: fashion, cosmetics, building materials and pavers. The HEMP Embassy also are the main organisational body for the annual Mardi-grass event in Nimbin. You can purchase a huge range of hemp products at the HEMP Embassy....
Teretre Cabins Retreat Logo and Images

Teretre Cabins Retreat

5 High Street, Nimbin NSW 2480
Teretre's unique holiday accommodation in Nimbin consists of four cosy one bedroom timber cabins with large private verandas and all modern conveniences. Nestled on 33 acres of natural bushland with a relaxed country atmosphere they are within easy walking distance of Nimbin restaurants and shops. Each cabin provides well furnished accommodation with quality bathroom and kitchen facilities opening up to a roomy forest-facing verandah. The holiday cabins were re-created from the old army barracks built in the 40s to house and train the troops. Later, they were used as temporary accommodation for thousands of new arrivals to Australia. The old timbers used in the floors, verandahs, windows and feather boards are highlighted against the clay rendered walls and corrugated iron, with the green forest as backdrop. Numerous species of birds and wallabies are seen and heard, bringing an air of peacefulness and will be enjoyed from your own private verandah. ...

Nimbin School of Arts

47 Cullen Street, Nimbin NSW 2480
The Nimbin School of Arts Hall opened officially on September 16, 1904. It was built for religious purposes from available government funding. It has traditionally been a venue for local events including dances, engagements, wedding receptions, and other celebrations with people travelling from as far away as Lismore, Jiggi, Wadeville, The Channon and Blue Knob. The Nimbin School of Arts has continued this in its contemporary usage, with events including Blue Moon Cabarets, Blue Moon Dance, Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup, the Autumn Arts and the Spring Arts Exhibitions and many other local celebrations, classes and events....

Djanbung Permaculture Gardens

74 Cecil Street, Nimbin NSW 2480
Djanbung Permaculture Gardens is a superb example of earth wise living. Djanbung Gardens is dedicated to permaculture, ecological design and the development of human creativity and skills. Djanbung Gardens was founded in 1993 as a purpose-built living, learning environment for permaculture education and permaculture demonstration. The gardens attract visitors and students from around the world. Many come to visit the Resource Centre or do a tour of the gardens, eco-buildings and working permaculture systems at Djanbung and Jarlanbah. Others participate in the training programmes, internships and volunteer programmes. Djanbung Gardens is located one kilometre from the heart of Nimbin Village. They welcome visitors during their open hours in the Djanbung Gardens Resource Centre and offer self-guided (AUD5.00) and guided tours (Saturday at 11am AUD15-20.00). Groups welcome and regular workshops are available. Please call or email during office hours for further information or to make a time to tour the gardens....