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Neville Show

Crouch Street, Neville NSW 2799
In 2010, the Neville Show Society created the plan to have an annual show. Each year it has grown bigger. At the show each year there are market stalls and multiple competitions like the popular flowers, craft, cooking, photography, chainsaw, horse, and cattle competitions. This event is a great day out in Central West NSW. Note: Due to the recent wet weather the show has been postponed from 12 November 2016, to now be held on 11 March 2017, due to safety concerns. The Neville Show Society apologises for any inconvenience caused....

Neville Siding

12 Crouch Street, Neville NSW 2799
Neville Siding is a unique complex comprising a bed and breakfast style accommodation, suitable for up to 67 people, in the small village of Neville south of Blayney. It has a range of structures based around a railway theme and incorporating many items of memorabilia set in landscaped surroundings. It includes the Mandurama Railway Station, two freight vans circa 1950, a caboose which was a maintenance fettlers van, a caravan 'engine' called 'Ted', a house with 12 to 14 beds, a Post Office for three to five people and a Goods Shed which is utilised for reunions, parties, conferences and people sharing similar interests. This accommodates 29 persons. Pet Friendly. Continental breakfast is included in the tariff....