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Nooroo Gardens Logo and Images

Nooroo Gardens

Church Lane, Mount Wilson NSW 2786
This is one of Australia's most famous gardens featuring world famous wisteria, plus rhododendrons, azaleas and maples. There are a wide range of wisteria for sale. Nooroo was built in 1880 by William Cox and many of the old trees found in the garden were planted then. It was however the Valder family, owners the property from 1917 to 1987, who largely developed the garden. The garden today now covers two hectares. Daffodils, camellias, rhododendrons bloom in profusion from September and in Autumn. Nooroo is especially famous for its wisteria which is at its peak in late October. Many of the photos featured in Dr. Peter Valder's book 'Wisteria' were taken at Nooroo. The Wisteria collection at Nooroo is unique to Australia and attracts visitors from around the world. The name Nooroo is an Aboriginal word meaning 'Shady Place'.
Mount Wilson and Mount Irvine Logo and Images

Mount Wilson and Mount Irvine

Bells Line of Road, Mount Wilson NSW 2786
Mount Wilson is a heritage garden village only two hours from Sydney. The area has magnificent bushland and rainforest, walks and canyons as well as historic houses and grand exotic gardens, some of which are open to the public. Mount Irvine is about 15 minutes further drive. It has a rural mountain setting of farms and fine gardens, with magnificent views over the mountains. There are public toilets at Silva Plana (as you enter Mount Wilson), the Fire Station, Founders Corner, Waterfall Reserve and Cathedral Reserve. Barbecue facilities are available at Cathedral Reserve, however, please bring your own drinking water as the villages use tank water. There are many pleasant strolls around the villages. If you attempt a more ambitious walk in the National Park, please be aware that weather conditions can change rapidly. EPIRB or similar equipment is also strongly recommended. Mobile phones DO NOT work in most areas.
Windyridge Garden Mount Wilson Logo and Images

Windyridge Garden Mount Wilson

Queens Avenue, Mount Wilson NSW 2786
Windyridge Gardens at Mount Wilson dates from 1877, with the first planted tree, a Swiss Christmas Tree (Abies amabilis) in August 1945. Now the garden includes Cedrus deodara, copper beech, pin oaks, maples, ginkos, azaleas, rhododendrons, dogwoods and nyssas. During Easter 1995, Rodger and Wai Davidson, of Davidson's Nurseries at Galston, in Sydney, purchased Windyridge to accommodate their expanding collection of cold climate plants. Work commenced under Wai's supervision to transform Windyridge into a grand garden. After tree maintenance work, Landscape Architect Gordon Sykes was retained to terrace and plant a vast grassy slope and give substance to the new owners' vision. Mount Wilson is just two hours northwest of Sydney, 3,000 feet above sea level and ringed by cool green rainforests.

Mount Wilson Autumn Festival

Gardens in Mt Wilson, Mount Wilson NSW 2786
Come and discover the beauty of the autumnal colours of the magnificent Gardens in Mount Wilson. The Autumn Festival will consist of Open Gardens, some not open to the public before or for many years. Adventure at the Village Market will focus on "all things garden", selling beautiful gardening products, arts and crafts by local artisans, plants and produce from their favourite mountain nurseries and quality gardening tools and sculptures. There will also be Artists in the garden "En Plein Air" art competition. Paintings will be judged at the end of the day and three prizes awarded. Some paintings will also be available for sale at the same time. Delicious food and refreshments will also be served in the historic grounds. Garden tickets can be pre-purchased. The festival raises funds for their local progress association to maintain the beauty of Mount Wilson....