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Gilgandra Rural Museum Logo and Images

Gilgandra Rural Museum

6 Castlereagh Street, Merrigal NSW 2827
The Gilgandra Rural Museum is run by the Gilgandra Museum and Historical Society. An extensive and exciting range of agricultural plant and machinery is housed in the Museum. Items of interest include -Howard Rotary Hoe, Ruston Proctor Steam Traction Engine, Titan Tractor, Ajax Gas Producer, McKay Harvester and McCormick Deering Tractor. Within the grounds of the Rural Museum can be found - Tooraweenah Police Gaol, Uargon Subsidised School, the famous Berida Sheep Station bookkeeper's office and residence and the Bullagreen Station shearer's quarters. These buildings contain local items from bygone days from kitchenware to doctor's instruments and hospital equipment.
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