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The Olive Tree Markets Logo and Images

The Olive Tree Markets

Union Street (The Junction Public School), Merewether NSW 2291

‘The Olive Tree Market’ is part of the renaissance currently taking
place in Newcastle’s artisan community. Started in 2008, ‘The Olive
Tree Market’ is the first dedicated artisan market in Newcastle and
is the ‘launching pad for over a hundred creative minds!’

The market is constantly growing and evolving with new artisans joining the market each month. ‘The Olive Tree Market’ has a strong emerging artists section with an eclectic array of exciting stalls.

The Olive Tree Market was born from the desire of the three organisers to create a community artisans market that provided Newcastle’s contemporary art, craft and design practitioners with an arena to showcase their work. The aim was to create a vibrant culturally diverse atmosphere where artists could interact with their contemporaries and the wider public and sell their work without large overheads.

Within months the idea became a reality and we found the perfect location with the gorgeous sprawling grounds of ‘The Junction Public School’. We launched ‘The Olive Tree Market’ with 60 stalls in October 2008 and 18 months later the market had 100 stalls each month.

There are also two additional markets in the coming months - November 17th & December 15th as well as our BIG Christmas Market on December 1st

Glenrock State Conservation Area Logo and Images

Glenrock State Conservation Area

MURDERING GULLY Road, Merewether NSW 2291
Located only ten minutes drive from the Newcastle city centre, Glenrock State Conservation Area offers an astounding array of recreational opportunities.Glenrock embraces the last surviving pocket of coastal rainforest in the region, home to a range of animals, like bandicoots, bats and gliders. It also protects a number of ancient Aboriginal sites. One of the city's most popular beaches ... Visit website for more info
Merewether Beach Logo and Images

Merewether Beach

Corner John Parade and Henderson Parade, Merewether NSW 2291
Merewether Beach, home of four times World Surfing Champion, Mark Richards and Malibu Surfboard Riding Champion, Martin McMillan. No doubt this is part of the reason that Merewether Beaches National Surfing Reserve was declared in March 2009. The reserve stretches from Dixon Park in the north to Burwood Beach in the south. There is competitive surfboard riding conditions for experienced surfers. Plus Council Lifeguard Services provided Monday to Saturday during swimming season and volunteer members of Merewether Surf Lifesaving Club provides beach patrols on Sundays during the swimming season. There are change room facilities and a cafe/kiosk available all year round. And the two minute stroll between Merewether Beach and Merewether Ocean Baths features the historic Ladies Rock Pool and the heritage listed Surf House.
Dixon Park Beach Logo and Images

Dixon Park Beach

Ocean Street, Merewether NSW 2291
Dixon Park Beach has Council Lifeguard Services provided Monday to Saturday during swimming season and volunteer members of Dixon Park Surf Lifesaving Club providing beach patrols on Sundays during the swimming season. There is a sheltered picnic table area and change room facilities available. Plus free electric barbecue's and picnic tables facilities available in adjacent park area.