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Diamond Tree Lookout Manjimup

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via South West Highway, Manjimup WA 6258

Diamond Tree Lookout Manjimup provides a unique opportunity to gain a spectacular bird's eye view across the treetops of the Karri forest near Manjimup. Not designed for the faint hearted, the gruelling 51-metre climb to the top of the world's only wooden treetop tower will reward all visitors with an incredible panoramic view. Explore the beautiful forest surrounding the lookout on foot, with a leisurely stroll along the beautiful walk-trail. Stop for a relaxing picnic lunch within the tranquil surroundings or explore more of the beautiful forests along the walk-trail. Witness the stunning wildflower display between September and November, discover an array of Australian marsupials that call the forest home or try your luck at catching marron or trout from the forest streams. Diamond Tree Lookout was one of several lookouts constructed in the 1930s and 1940s when the extreme height of the trees within the Karri forest made it too costly to build a fire lookout tower. Diamond Tree Lookout is a short 15 minute drive from the town of Manjimup which is just under four hours drive south of Perth.

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