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Peel Region Canoe Trails

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Peel region, Mandurah WA 6210

The Peel Region Paddling Trails meander along the Serpentine and Murray Rivers surrounding Mandurah and Pinjarra in the Peel Region, an hour south of Perth. There are two trails, with various options and several entry/exit points. The Serpentine River Trail, which includes the Peel Inlet and Mandurah Estuary. An easy half-day paddle on the Serpentine River takes you past beautiful natural bushland, historical sites and new and old developments including the Mandurah Foreshore. The 24 kilometre Murray River Trail commences in Pinjarra and finishes on the Mandurah Foreshore. The reverse journey is also easily achievable depending on the time of year and river flow. Specific interests of the trail include the historical Cooper Mill, Old Mandurah Bridge, Pinjarra Station and Hotham Valley Railway. There are various indigenous heritage sites along the trail and beautiful native flora and fauna (black swans, dolphins and blue manna crabs). The views across the Peel Estuary and the Mandurah foreshore are spectacular. These Top Trails form a part of the state canoe trails network, with a number of maps being developed for other canoe trails, including the Warren River, Blackwood River and Frankland and Deep Rivers.

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