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Lost Sea Opals Logo and Images

Lost Sea Opals

2 Morilla Street, Lightning Ridge NSW 2834
Take home some Outback magic. Lost Sea Opals are jewellery makers and designers based in Lightning Ridge, designing and creating high quality jewellery and contemporary designs using Lightning Ridge Opal as well as other Australian opal and gemstones. Lost Sea Opals are opal producers, mining the finest opal in the world, the Australian Black Opal.
Australian Opal Centre Logo and Images

Australian Opal Centre

3/11 Morilla Street, Lightning Ridge NSW 2834
Did you know that Lightning Ridge is the only dinosaur fossil site in New South Wales? Or that the fossils from Lightning Ridge are made of opal?! At the Australian Opal Centre, meet a life-like dinosaur face to face and see rare opalised fossils from long ago, when dinosaurs and other creatures lived in streams, billabongs and mighty pine forests at the place we now call Lightning Ridge. Learn about precious Australian opal, how it is mined and the unique cultural heritage of Australia's opal fields. Find out about the amazing home planned for the Australian Opal Centre, in an incredible two storey underground building that will generate its own power, collect its own water, and house one of Australia's most rare and spectacular public collections. Support this exciting community project by shopping there. Special souvenirs and treasures from the earth - fantastic!
Down to Earth Opals Logo and Images

Down to Earth Opals

11 Morilla Street, Lightning Ridge NSW 2834
Opal like you've never seen before and more! Down to Earth Opals are specialists in producing unique opal carvings - a merging of human artistry and nature's art. Their focus is on Lightning Ridge opal and producing one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces. Their gallery also showcases fine paintings from Utopia Central Australia, sterling silver jewellery, decorative items from around the world, and beautiful pottery from local potter Vicki Bokros. Come and visit Down to Earth Opals.
Opal Bin Logo and Images

Opal Bin

47 Morilla Street, Lightning Ridge NSW 2834
Opal Bin have a collection of Lightning Ridge opalised fossils, amazing carved opals, great opal specimens, unreal photos and the most incredible range of solid opals. Everything at Opal Bin is from Lightning Ridge, it is all solid. They aim to educate everyone who comes there about Lightning Ridge opals. They also have an opal carver in the premises who can carve your find for you.
John Murray Art Gallery Logo and Images

John Murray Art Gallery

8 Opal Street, Lightning Ridge NSW 2834
John Murray Art Gallery in Lightning Ridge is the exclusive outlet for original John Murray paintings. One of the outback's favourite painters, here you can view the brilliant landscapes and characters first hand. The contrasting landscapes of the Australian Outback are portrayed in photo realistic detail with humour and whimsy. Head in and browse the large range of original paintings, prints (canvas, mounted, framed, posters), cards and souvenirs.
Lightning Ridge Bore Baths Logo and Images

Lightning Ridge Bore Baths

Pandora Street, Lightning Ridge NSW 2834
The water found in the Bore Baths at Lightning Ridge comes from the Great Artesian Basin and is approximately two million years old! Natural pressure sends the water to the surface through an artesian bore and it maintains a temperature of between 40 to 50 degrees celcius. The bores supplying these baths are only a few of hundreds being rehabilitated throughout the Great Artesian Basin conserving this precious natural resources for future generations.

Down to Earth Opals

11 Morilla Street, Lightning Ridge NSW 2834
Opal like you've never seen before.... and more! Down to Earth Opals specialises in cutting, carving, wholesale and retail of Lightning Ridge Opal and producing one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces. Established in 1991, Down to Earth Opals are famous for beautiful, innovative opal products (especially their freeform and carved opals); fair prices; high standards of quality and integrity; and friendly, knowledgeable staff. ...
Chambers of the Black Hand Logo and Images

Chambers of the Black Hand

3 Mile Opal Field, Lightning Ridge NSW 2834
Ron Canlin has created an amazing art gallery at Chambers of the Black Hand. The first level is 11 metres underground with images carved and painted in the sandstone walls and pillars. Everyday is a new experience at Chambers of the Black Hand. There is Jack Sparrow, Shrek, Puss in Boots and Donkey, Terracotta Soldiers from China and a Samurai warrior. The Jungle Room has lions, tigers, chimpanzees and elephant plus the cutest little meerkats. Ron's talent alone will mesmerise you. Ron has created a wall with all the prime ministers of Australia - Australia''s very own Mount Rushmore. There are new archangels plus two awesome Buddha's - the list goes on and on. Once in awhile you will come across something special and this is it, - a unique experience. Special Tutankhamen now completed. Chambers of The Black Hand has the only underground shop in Lightning Ridge....
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