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The Design Ark Logo and Images

The Design Ark

125A Houston Rd, Kingsford NSW 2032

The design ark is that place you go when you are after that unique item, industrial decor modernist piece or vintage charm.

Industrial items are cleaned and reimagined for both home living, commercial display and use. Bespoke made fusions of old items with new products and processes create works of art, furnishings, and lighting for your work and living spaces.

Quality modernist and vintage furniture is restored and even upcycled to help you add an individual stamp to your decorating ideas. Frames are reglued and refinished to our high standards. New upholstery and foam inserts are a must for your comfort. Small details are fastidiously taken care of guaranteeing a quality service and product for your needs.

There are also plenty of smaller homewares and bits and pieces to help flesh out a room or buy as a gift.

Basically, if you are after something different, that statement piece or quirky decor item we will probably have it!