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Kalgoorlie Post Office

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Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie WA 6430
The Kalgoorlie Post Office was completed in 1899, in response to the rapid development of the goldfields. This impressive heritage building is constructed of soft pink stone and is a prominent feature in the centre of town. Visit the old post office in conjunction with the other buildings in the Government Precinct which include the Warden’s Court and Offices, the Mines Department and the Courts of Justice. All of which were designed by the government architect J H Grainger, and were built at around the same time. Centrally located on Hannan Street in Kalgoorlie, the Government Buildings demonstrate the Federation Free Classical style and make a major contribution to the streetscape in their massing and scale. The central clock tower is also an important landmark. Kalgoorlie is a seven hour drive east of Perth. You should allow at least two or three days to soak up the unique gold rush history of the area.
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