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Kalamunda Wet 'n' Wild

attractions | Kalamunda WA 6076

08 9293 4432
Collins Road, Kalamunda WA 6076

Come to the hills where the air is fresher and experience the wettest and wildest waterslides in Perth at Kalamunda Wet 'n' Wild.

Squeal your way down the "Monster Corkscrew". Scream your head off down the "Screamin' Demon" or race your mates down the "Awesome Foursome". If thrills aren't your thing you can relax in the spa pool, olympic pool or throw down a towel on the large quantity of grassed area.

Throw a sausage on the barbecue and relax as your children smile with joy in the purpose built kiddies pools. So for a fun packed family day out, forget the rest come to "Kalamunda Wet 'n' Wild".
Only twenty five minute drive from the city, you'll find the following waterslides:
Four lane slide, Two tube slides and a Hi-speed slide.
There are pools galore:
A spa pool, eight lane olympic pool with 3m and 1m diving boards and ample kiddies splash pools. There is also another pool with two diving boards.
Lots of grass and shade area with barbecue and kiosk facilites.

For further information and group discounts please visit our website at www.kalamundawetnwild.com.au

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