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Heddon Greta Drive In

Heddon Greta Drive In, Heddon Street, Heddon Greta NSW 2321
Enjoy the latest movie releases in the outdoor ambiance of Heddon Greta Drive In. You will need an FM car radio or a portable FM radio with reliable batteries in order to hear the sound. If you wish to sit outside your car, remember to bring a "portable" FM radio. Bring some chairs, bean bags or blankets for your comfort if required. Remember to bring some warm clothes, as the night can get chilly at times. The first four rows are low vehicle areas. 4WD'S, wagons or hatches with raised tail gates, vehicles with roof racks or high aerials and vehicles which staff feel may impede the viewing of others, must park from row five through to row 15. Remember, if you enjoy the experience recommend the Heddon Greta Drive In to your friends.