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WilderQuest Convict Kids on Goat Island

Goat Island, Goat Island NSW 2477
Do you love stories about long ago? If you do, this WilderQuest holiday adventure's for you. You'l take a trip to Goat Island and into Sydney's past. Be transported back in time to Sydney in 1836. You'll be a convict working in a quarry gang. You'll play different roles and hear lots of stories. You'll even take part in an absolutely wild 'convict escape' that takes you to a new environment. You'll find out about how the early settlers lacked bush survival skills, contrasted with the excellent bush skills of Sydney's Aboriginal People. Finally, you'll come back to the present. You'll be issued with a 'Ticket of Leave' so you can return to your community not as a convict, but as a free person....