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4 Day Ningaloo Reef Snorkel and Dive Getaway from Coral Bay

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On this 3 night Ningaloo Reef tour we’ll take you to the best places to snorkel and scuba dive, surrounding you with some of the best coral and reef fish you will see in the world. No other Ningaloo Reef tour accesses these areas, so they are pristine and uncrowded.

You will visit a variety of sites suitable for diving & snorkelling rarely visited by other people. Reef sharks, turtles, groupers and sting rays are a common sight, along with all of the macro critters, such as nudibranchs, moray eels and octopus.

Manta Rays are commonly found feeding in shallow waters close to Coral Bay. Dugongs can also be seen on occasions & inquisitive dolphins can be seen chasing fish through the clear water.

Humpback Whales (in season) are a common site on the outer reef as they make their way north on their annual migration & return south with their calves for the summer.

Day 1 - As the tour departs at 4pm, you can fly into Learmonth in the afternoon (last flight arrives around 12:05pm) and there is plenty of time to get to Coral Bay and have a look around before joining us on board. Once you arrive on board Shore Thing, enjoy a late afternoon snorkel or dive near “Five Fingers Reef” before enjoying a cool drink as the sunsets and the vessel sails to its overnight anchorage. Before the evening meal is served, have a go at fishing from the back deck, with the opportunity for a fresh caught meal.

Day 2 - Following breakfast, enjoy a morning snorkel at “The Stag Forest”, a beautiful coral garden exhibiting stunning branching coral formations and home to numerous marine turtles. After morning tea set sail for our next snorkel location the “Sanctuary” where we see reef sharks and turtles cruising and large rays resting as we snorkel along sandy underwater pathways fringed by hard coral outcrops rising to the waters surface. Enjoy a freshly prepared gourmet buffet lunch before immersing yourself into Ningaloo’s clear waters or relaxing on the deck of Shore Thing. The day winds down with another snorkel before a sumptuous two course meal & well deserved rest.

Day 3 - After breakfast enjoy a leisurely kayak trip along the secluded coastline to Pelican Point. Keep an eye out for large rays resting and turtles feeding in the shallow waters. Your crew and guides will then select the best snorkel/dive sites based on the conditions. Some of the favorites include “Syd’s Harbour” and “Goliath’s Den”. We seek out dugongs and dolphins as we travel to our evenings anchorage at Point Maud. June-October there is a fantastic opportunity to observe Humpback Whales as they migrate along the Ningaloo coast.

Day 4 - Ningaloo Reef and Coral Bay is home to a resident population of coastal Manta Rays that frequent the inner reef to mate, give birth and feed. Enjoy a presentation from your local guide on Manta Ray biology and behavior along the Ningaloo Reef and then snorkel with one of these graceful rays where you can assist identifying the Manta Rays via photo identification. Before a sumptuous buffet lunch, enjoy one last snorkel or dive at “Asho’s Gap” which is a cleaning station for grey reef sharks. Watch as the sharks swim in to a large cabbage coral and hold themselves in the currents with their mouths open, whilst small cleaner fish dart in and out of their mouths and gills.

Return to Coral Bay approximately 12:30pm with the option to catch the afternoon airport transfer to Learmonth airport, last departing flights (Qantas 15:20 pm Sunday-Friday, 14:40 pm Saturdays - Contact for information about Airport Transfers), or relax in Coral Bay for a couple of extra nights and join a whale shark tour/humpback whale interaction tour in season, or just chill out on the beach.