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Elizabeth Bay house

7 Onslow Avenue, Elizabeth Bay NSW 2011

Can’t afford your dream house? Neither could Colonial Secretary, Alexander Macleay. He had the vision to develop the site from 1826 onwards as a fine landscape garden and build Elizabeth Bay House – then dubbed ‘the finest house in colony’– but his children asked 'where was the money to come from?' Macleay’s life long obsession with entomology plus the loss of his government post in 1837 required him to seek numerous loans from his eldest son William.

Though this house looks grand, it is unfinished and a mere six years into his stay William foreclosed on him, effectively forcing him to leave. Want to know what happened next? Visit this harbour-side property and find out.

Planetdwellers - Gay and Lesbian Tours of Australia

47 Elizabeth Bay Road, Elizabeth Bay NSW 2011
Planetdwellers are a small group tour operator that provides a fabulous view of Australia for inbound Gay and Lesbian travellers and their family and friends. Planetdwellers love showing off the stunning beauty and world famous treasures to be found in Sydney and Australia. Tours are aimed at making you feel like a local and highlight the unique beauty of Australia while you get to enjoy Australia's vibrant gay scene with true friendly Australian attitudes. Join Planetdwellers and get a taste for the Aussie way of life....