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Things Wild at Denmark Wildflowers, looking for wildflowers in Denmark? We are growers, manufacturers, exporters and wholesalers of long-life Australian wildflower products. A spectacular range of wildflower products are available for your purchase or you may come and select from our range to make up your own displays. Beautifully packaged and presented in boxes, bouquets and sheaths, their display of colours and distinctive unusual textures will enhance any decor and complement every interior. All our products are export approved and make an ideal gift which can be sent anywhere in the world. Send our own dried Australian wildflowers to friends or relatives or buy and take as a memento of your visit to Western Australia. Come in and see a wide range of dried and preserved West Australian wildflowers altogether in one location. Things Wild at Denmark Wildflowers is located four and half hours drive south of Perth, or a 45 minute drive from Albany.

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