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Heavenly Oasis Hair & Beauty Day Spa Logo and Images

Heavenly Oasis Hair & Beauty Day Spa

Ground Floor, 858a Pittwater Road, Dee Why NSW 2099

Heavenly Oasis Hair & Beauty Day Spa is in Dee Why, Sydney. We have combined Hair, Nails, Spray Tanning & Beauty into a single experience, all provided from one location for your convenience.

Owned by Fallon Leer, our goal is to provide a relaxing, fun and enjoyable environment. Our staff are fully qualified, trained professionals who are always there to help advise you on your skin, hair and beauty needs. At Heavenly Oasis we want only the best for our clients, so we only use the best products. We have chosen world leading skin care - A.S.A.P and Urban Spa - both quality Australian Owned companies. For hair we have chosen Wella products. For Nails we use OPI and Spray Tanning we have St. Tropez.

At Heavenly Oasis we help take the stress out of your day

Physio Dee Why

The Dee Why Grand, 834 Pittwater Rd, Dee Why NSW 2099
As manual therapists we use a 'hands on' approach to therapy. Massage, deep tissue massage and deep releasing Joint mobilization Stretching Specific and supervised exercises form an essential part of therapy. We endeavour to have you understand the purpose and specifics of all home exercise programs to ensure effective and safe practice. We will not leave you exercising on your own unsure of what you are doing! Therapeutic machines, ultrasound, interferential, laser and heat are used to relieve inflammation and pain so movement function can be achieved. At Northern Beaches Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre, we endeavour to accurately assess injuries and dysfunction. Our therapists use evidence-based treatment to maximize treatment success. We are committed to patient understanding of the condition and treatment and liaison with other health professionals. Our staff have funded ongoing professional education to maintain our standards of care to the latest available research. Let us get to the source of your problem and not just treat the symptoms. Our aim is to relieve your pain, return movement to maximal function and prevent the problem recurring. We do this through careful explanation of treatment methods, education and good body care advice for home, sport and in the workplace. Our clinic provides these services in a spacious and well-appointed environment to allow movement or assessment and prescription of exercise.
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