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Cundletown Heritage Walk Logo and Images

Cundletown Heritage Walk

Cundletown Township, Cundletown NSW 2430
This self-guided heritage walk around Cundletown highlights a number of built and natural items of special significance to the history of the village. The walk is approximately four kilometres long. To ensure that you have the opportunity to visit all the items of interest you will need to allow about two hours. Please remember to take drinking water and wear comfortable shoes. You may also like to allow time to stop along the river for a picnic lunch, or finish the tour at the Cundletown and Lower Manning Historical Society and Museum.
Cundletown and Lower Manning Historical Society Inc Logo and Images

Cundletown and Lower Manning Historical Society Inc

Cundletown Hall, Main Street, Cundletown NSW 2430
The Cundletown Lower Manning Historical Society is the ideal place for people seeking to explore their family history in the lower Manning Valley. The museum contains many displays and photos of industry and business from early days, with a large display on dairy and related industries. The museum, open 10am to 3pm Tuesday to Sunday, also has a coffee and craft shop selling home made products and craft.