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Bravo Fishing Charters Logo and Images

Bravo Fishing Charters

Tonkin Street Wharf, Cronulla NSW 2230

Deep sea fishing Sydney reef systems on a charter boat with one of Australia’s most experienced crews is an experience not to be missed. We offer a choice of two vessels licenced with the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries) in the charter boat category to accommodate the size of your group.

All our crew members are experienced fishermen particularly with the deep sea fishing principles and are fully licenced with New South Wales Maritime Authority. Operating from Cronulla in Sydney’s Southern anchorage of Port Hacking provides very quick access to some of the most productive deep sea fishing grounds especially off the Royal National Park.

Different times of the year generate different species of fish. For example, big snapper come in to spawn on the shallow reefs in colder months, whilst warmer water give better catches of large flathead and trevally.

Zimzala on the Beach at Cronulla

1 The Esplanade, Cronulla NSW 2230
For Zimzala, situated in a fantastic location on the beach at Cronulla south, success is all about location, food, families and friendly service. You can just about touch the waves as you dine on fabulous Australian cuisine. Dine inside to the casual atmosphere of a beach side restaurant with wonderful ocean views and cool sea breezes or outdoors, beside the Esplanade, the rocks and the ocean. By night enjoy the lights of Cronulla, the moon glistening on the water and the gentle sounds of waves lapping on the rocks, as you dine in romantic ambience on quality, innovative, modern Australian cuisine created by Executive Chef Tod Laurence and Head Chef Manoj Budhathoki....

Cronulla Plaza

Cronulla Street, Cronulla NSW 2230
Cronulla Plaza boasts a blend of outdoor shopping, local galleries and annual market events like Cronulla Spring Festival. This urban oasis is just one hour’s drive or train ride from Sydney’s central business district, and has a reputation as a cultural hub worthy of a weekend away in itself. Sitting alongside Sydney's longest beach, it's not just for surfers, with a rising evolution of top restaurants, intimate entertainment venues and relaxed alfresco dining....
The Bodyboard Academy Logo and Images

The Bodyboard Academy

66 Mitchell Road, Cronulla NSW 2230
It's time to boogie with the Bodyboard Academy! Personalised bodyboard coaching for all ages and abilities with 2014 Pipeline World Champion and five time Australian champion Lilly Pollard. Ever wondered what it feels like to be inside a barrel? Do you want to enjoy the rush of riding a wave without fear of being hit by a big board? Are you interested in introducing the kids to the ocean with one of the safest ways of wave riding? Or are you looking to take your bodyboarding skills to the next level? Whatever your reasons, Lilly is here to help. Beginners to advanced. All equipment provided. Free photos of you in action. Personal coaching with Lilly herself. Half day adventure safaris, to the best location on the day, also available! Based in Cronulla, New South Wales, but mobile to almost anywhere....

Campbell Rhonda E

70 Croydon St, Cronulla NSW 2230
Hello my name is Rhonda and I am a Homoeopath, Herbalist and Natural Fertility Counsellor. I work in CRONULLA and BONDI BEACH. I am an experienced practitioner and can help you discover the solution to your health problems. I have helped many men, women and children of all ages with many different types of problems. Most of all I love helping children. Remedies can help babies and children with digestion problems, colic or sleeplessness, emotional and anxiety problems, immune problems, eczema, slow development and many other conditions. I am very passionate about the way I can help people with natural remedies so I have created a children's book so children can learn about how plants can heal them. The website for my children's book is I have also helped many women from 30-90 get relief from their hormonal and menopausal symptoms the natural way. I can help you eliminate health problems and live happier longer. I can you help you to understand yourself and your individual needs. I will use any or all of the following therapies to help you to resolve issues and become stronger and healthier: Homoeopathy, Herbal medicine, Bach Flowers, Australian Bush Essences, Iridology, Nutritional Supplements and Natural Fertility Management.. Read more: There are so many natural remedies to help you enjoy life to the fullest with good health and longevity, so why wouldn't you give Rhonda a call?
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