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Dolphcom - Dolphin & Whale Swimming Adventures

121 Tirriki Street, Charlestown NSW 2290

Waking from a dream and the vision of swimming with Dolphins and Autistic children, in 1996, Andrew began an odyssey of adventure, one that would transform him from a humble residential builder and developer, to one of Australia’s leading dolphin experts and facilitator of Dolphin Assisted Therapy.

This journey has taken Andrew around the world in search of locations for his extraordinary work, meeting many leading experts who share his vision and passion for Dolphins and Whales.

As a father of three young boys he is excited about working with youth and currently resides as president of the Newcastle NSW Australia based charity RUSH Haven Inc. Andrew has recently joined ORRCA as part of the trained marine mammal rescue unit and highly recommends the organisation.

Andrew shares his knowledge of Cetaceans, his passion for training and achieving results, spirituality and healing with the help of an enthusiastic team and the wonderful and loving Dolphins with as many people as he can aboard the wonderful 50 foot catamaran ‘Imagine’ at Port Stephens.

Andrew invites you to join one of his remarkable programs in Port Stephens or in the south pacific ( Ha’apai Tonga) and share the profound experience of the Dolphins and Whales.

DolphCom’s team of professionals is committed to assisting human evolution and exploring human potential to produce profound outcomes.


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