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Tasmanian Copper and Metal Art Gallery

Church Street, Carrick TAS 7291

The Tasmanian Copper and Metal Art Gallery is located at Carrick, northern Tasmania. The gallery features work by Tasmanian metal craftsman Mirek Marik. A range of hand-crafted items are on display, crafted from metals including copper, brass, steel and chrome. Each piece is produced on-site, and all are cut, shaped and coloured by hand. The gallery also includes paintings, sculptures, murals and jewellery. Opals, crystals and other semi-precious stones are on display. A number of gifted artists and craftspeople live and work in northern Tasmania. In Launceston, you can visit the Design Centre of Tasmania to see work by local artisans, or lose yourself for the day in the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery. Travel on to Westbury, where you can see Tasmanian and Australian landscape photography at the John Temple Gallery, or drop into the Artist Garret in Deloraine to see a range of work by local artists and craftspeople. Carrick is 15 minutes south of Launceston (17 kilometres/11 miles).


415 Oaks Road, Carrick TAS 7291
A great way to spend a day, this event needs to be experienced, with everything for the farm and the home from machinery to jewellery. Agfest, Tasmania's premier agricultural event, has the second highest attendance of all agricultural field days in Australia. Agfest has grown from a small field day at a racetrack with 100 exhibitors in May 1983 to become one of the State's most popular multi-million dollar exhibitions with almost 80,000 patrons passing through the gates over the three days. Agfest features over 700 exhibitors and has something for everyone. Attractions include agricultural machinery, banking and finance, machinery, hardware and small equipment, leisure, automotive, clothing and home wares, food, horticulture and viticulture and livestock. There are working displays of Tasmania's pioneering agricultural industry including working blacksmiths, draught horse displays and free rides, a selection of vintage machinery from the wool and timber industries, and steam engines and tractors....