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Cobaw Ridge

31 Perc Boyers Lane, Pastoria East VIC 3444

The Macedon Ranges are hiding a delicious secret. Located off an unsealed dirt road flanking the majestic Cobaw State Forest, just out of Kyneton, is an entrance to a natural amphitheatre surrounded by rows of vines and now-full dams. It is a special place and home to Cobaw Ridge, which makes Australia's finest Lagrein. Owner-growers Alan and Nelly Cooper also produce excellent chardonnay, syrah and pinot noir but for more than a decade they have been championing this rare red.

This is one of those out-of-the-way gems that make Victorian vineyard touring so fascinating. Cobaw Ridge is a clearing in an unspoilt forest strewn with giant boulders. There's a real middle of nowhere feel, yet it's not much more than an hour from Melbourne. .

Comforts include picnic area, casual terrace tables, and a rustic mud brick winery which produces distinctive cool-climate wines.

Shiraz, straight or in a blend with Viognier, and Chardonnay are typically fresh and lively, and the unique Lagrein is a savoury, Italian-varietals red of real interest." Ralph Kyte-Powell