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The Wharf Revue 2016

Hickson Road, Barangaroo NSW 2000
Paul Keating once said that politicians come in three varieties: straight men, fixers and maddies. Well, you can be sure all of them will be knocked down a peg or two when The Wharf Revue comes rolling back into town. From the inimitable minds of Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe and Phillip Scott comes another instalment of what has become a true Sydney institution. From the movers to the shakers, from the winners to the losers, the stage will be filled with a yearís worth of foolishness. And if thereís one thing that a federal election year brings, itís a smorgasbord of satirical goodies. Thereíll be minor party pies, red meat, blue cheese and donít forget your greens. But most of all, thereíll be laughter. And lots of it....