Princess Royal Fortress Military Museum - Albany Attractions Perth

Princess Royal Fortress Military Museum

attractions | Albany WA 6330

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Forts Road, Mt Clarence, Albany WA 6330

Princess Royal Fortress Military Museum in Albany is Australia's first federal fortress and has a range of attractions to keep you and your family entertained for hours. The stunning panoramic views of King George Sound and Princess Royal Harbour are a highlight from this historically significant vantage point. Explore the impressive restored 1893 fortress on foot. Discover how the soldiers kept the enemy out of the port and the types of artillery used. Visit the commanding officers house for breathtaking views across the bays and all the way up to the Porongurup Ranges. Be amazed by the anti-submarine weapon system and the torpedoes used by Australian submarines. Visit the kitchen site, quarter masters, officer's residence and married quarters to imagine how the soldiers would have lived. The history buff will be in heaven with the impressive museums on offer at the fortress, including HMAS Perth Interpretive Centre, Australian Light Horses Museum and the Australian War Memorial Gallery. The Military Institute Tea Rooms will provide a welcomed bite to eat and an opportunity to absorb all that you have seen. Situated four and a half hours drive south of Perth, the fortress is a well worth a visit.

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