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Aberfeldy Four Wheel Drive Track

Walhalla Road, Aberfeldy VIC 3825
Grade: Medium to difficult Total length: 180km Duration: 2.5 days' driving time Fuel points: Rawson Camping: Walhalla, Edwards Hill, Donnelly's Creek Recreation Ground, Goonans, O'Tooles Flats, Little O'Tooles, Jorgenson, Andersons, Matlock, Meringtons Flat and The Junction. Toilets: Walhalla, Meringtons Flat, The Junction, O'Tooles Flats, Little O'Tooles, Andersons, Donnelly's Creek Recreation Ground and Matlock. The Aberfeldy Four Wheel Drive Track is considered one of Victoria's greatest 4WD experiences. It combines rich history, striking landscapes and the thrill of touring on rugged, unsealed terrain. The route passes through some of the area's most stunning landscape, from rugged bushland to breathtaking mountain top views and stone river crossings. The 4WD track follows the original Aberfeldy track from the early 1800s, which was used as a transportation route for horse and carts during the gold rush. Step back in time and discover the heritage of the area telling tales of local families, famous travellers and important figures from long ago. Interpretation signs are en route throughout the drive marking historic sites and remnants, such as the Red Jacket Cemetery and the old mines of Toombon. There is also a multitude of ways that 4WD enthusiasts can immerse themselves in nature with some side trips for walking, and ample camping and fishing opportunities. There are two main Back Road Tours - Donnellys Creek Loop and Jordan Valley Loop (both are Easy - Medium)- linked by an access road (Easy). There are also three side trips including Hanging Rock Walking Track (Difficult - Very Difficult), Aberfeldy Crossing (Difficult) and White Star Township (Easy).