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Corner of George Street and Henry Street, Pinjarra WA 6208

The historic homestead of Edenvale in Pinjarra offers an enlightening glimpse into the life of the former Premier of Western Australia, Sir Ross McLarty. This influential Western Australian politician lived in the homestead throughout his childhood and for much of his political life. The homestead was initially built by McLarty's father, Edward in 1888. He too had a strong political career, which began six years after moving into the home. Wander around the 17 rooms of the Victorian style house that is considered typical of its era. Examine the quality craftsmanship of its builder and explore the remaining outbuildings surrounding the homestead. Edenvale is now home to the tourist centre, Murray District Arts and Crafts Society and the Heritage Tearooms. Enjoy a snack or lunch in the tearooms before examining the local works on display in the art gallery. The picturesque town of Pinjarra is home to many unique historic sites, including the only heritage rose garden in the southwest. Pinjarra is a 90 minute drive south of Perth.

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